IROAD V7 WIFI 前後鏡高清行車記錄儀

IROAD V7 WIFI  前後鏡高清行車記錄儀

IROAD V7 WIFI  前後鏡高清行車記錄儀



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ROAD FRONT/REAR HD 2 channel in-car camera
Connect it to Wi-Fi, watch live-screen on your smartphone

IROAD V7 – OverView

• FRONT:HD(1280x720p), 30Frame, REAR:HD(1280x720p) 30Frame

• A20 DUAL CORE CPU Embedded, provides stable 2channel images

• 2CH REAL HD CMOS image sensor camera

• Wi-Fi:watching live front/rear view on smartphone. settings, firmware auto update using dedicated mobile application.

• Built-in voltage control(uninterrupted power):prevent battery discharge Automatic switch to parking mode

• 132 degrees wide viewing angle & high sensitive 3 axis impact sensor

• Memory card auto recovery auto format

• car attack alert/external GPS antenna

Wi-Fi Connection

Front/rear hd+hd, 2 channel in-car camera with wifi function

Wi-Fi function for other existing in-car cameras is rather give users a real hassle and is hard to connect. IROAD V7 provides automatic connection/disconnection function.

(i.e. Wi-Fi is automatically connected after running IROAD mobile application, disconnected after exiting the application.)


Now enhanced wifi function IROAD V7 has to offer will relieve users of further complications once connected to wifi, users are able to watch live screen/saved recordings, change settings and automatic firmware update.


Powerful CPU and Sensor for optimal performance

High-end quality hardware specs are essential to run high resolution, high frame recordings. Dual core A20 CPU embedded in IROAD V7 provides superb stability and optimal performance. Together with HD CMOS Image Sensor, enhanced image qualities at daytime and night is realized.


  A20 Dual Core CPU                            HD CMOS Images Sensor

Various recording modes

Steady and stable recording methods

24H Parking Mode (Motion detection)

Safe recording enabled with built-in low voltage control function

Parking mode is activated after 10 minutes since the engine is off. The device start recording automatically

If motion detection is selected, the sensor detects motions from front and rear side of a vehicle and records them. It will later inform you by voice saying “Event occurred while parking.”

Parking mode is automatically deactivated once the voltage drops below certain point.

132 Degrees Viewing Angle, Wide View Supported

Optimal viewing angle, watch distortion-free images

Even wider viewing angle of IROAD V7 enables better recording for accident scenes and is wide enough for the best left/right distortion-free images.




Image Sensor

2.3Mega Pixel CMOS Images Sensor

Resolution/Frame/Viewing angle

Front:1280×720 / 30fps , Rear:1280×720 / 30fps , 132Degrees


External WIFI supported – Smartphone playback and settings, firmware auto-update

Wi-Fi button

Smartphone registration standby mode On/Off, Voice recording On/Off

Audio Input

Microphone embedded

Video/Audio Compression

H.264 / ADPCM

Vibration sensor

3 axis acceleration sensor (recording initiated by external impact)

Voice Guidance(speaker)

Effect sound for informing operational status and voice guidance supported

External GPS Sensor

Synched with google map, keep track of location and travelling speed

Storage Medium

Micro SD 4GB ~ 64GB (recommended type MLC Class10)

Recording Modes

Uninterrupted(driving)mode, Event(impact)mode, Parking(motion detection) mode, Voice recording

Constant Power(low voltage cut-off)

Constant power(low voltage cut-off) : constant power(low voltage cut-off) function embedded


DC 12V ~ 24V

Operating temperature/Humidity

-20 ~ 70 C (storage temperature : -20 ~ 90 C) / 10 ~ 95%


IROAD V7 dedicated viewer: Windows Xp, VISTA, Win7, Win8 (32Bit ~ 64Bit supported)


IROAD App(Android 2.3 and higher version, iOS 5.0 and higher version)


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